Responsibility of business

    MMC Dalpolimetall JSC focuses efforts not only on business but also on improving the life of specialists and company workers. We understand high social responsibility towards employees: miners, geologists, preparators, transport and railway workers and representatives of other jobs.

    MMC Dalpolimetall JSC is the company where great number of Dalnegorsk citizens work, it means that well being and financial stability of these families are ensured. The company gives jobs to 2000 people.

    Understanding the mission, the company does its best to keep its position at the market of nonferrous metals.

    We want our people to be proud of the company that is why we regularly take part in the city social life: support local sport, are engaged do charity work, help children of the company personnel.

    Long and fruitful activity for stable well being of all the personnel – this is the strategic goal of MMC Dalpolimetall JSC.



    Primorsky Krai, Dalnegorsk,
    pr. 50 years of October, 93.
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