Care for the environment

    MMC Dalpolimetall JSC realizes that the process of ore mining and its enrichment, like any other industrial activity, leads to some changes in the environment. That is why the company follows all the demands of Russian legislation on environment protection. Besides, specialists of the company strive for harmonious exploitation of natural resources, utilize some types of waste materials and effectively use and save electric power.

    Specialists of the sanitary-industrial section of the chemical laboratory regularly control the content of impurities in effluents and discharges, the state of atmosphere at the border of sanitary protection zones of industrial shops, the quality of water bodies at site of the enterprise. The chemical laboratory is the integral part of the unified system of the company ecological control.

    The main industrial waste of the company is as follows: tailings from the enrichment plant, stripping rocks, used mercury-vapour lamps, used motor, transmission, hydraulic and industrial oils, used lead accumulators, used tires, scrape of ferrous metals, timber processing waste.

    There are no unsolved problems of utilization of the industrial waste.

    Enrichment tailings are fed for a long time storage to a tailing pond, located on a specially designed and ecologically safe polygon. There is no discharge of sewage from the tailing pond, as it is equipped with a reliable system of drain water accumulation and its return to the circulating water system.

    The company ensures ecological safety of hydraulic structures of the enrichment plant.

    Stripping rocks are stored in spoil heaps, stipulated by the mine project.

    Used mercury - vapour lamps, used lead accumulators, used tires, scrape of ferrous metals are sent for utilizing and processing to the third companies which have licenses for such activities.

    Used motor, transmission, hydraulic and industrial oils and waste polluted by petroleum products are used as a fuel for the lime calcination kiln.

    Timber processing waste is sold to citizens.

    Every quarter ecologists of MMC Dalpolimetall JSC calculate the pollution fee. These fees are paid in accordance with the terms stipulated by the legislation.

    MMC Dalpolimetall JSC has got all the required ecological projects. Their absence of which would limit or prohibit activities of any industrial enterprise:

    • Project of norms of permitted pollution into the ambient;
    • Project of the validity of the size of the sanitary-protection zone;
    • Norms of permitted discharge of substances and micro organisms in the sewage;
    • Calculation of mass of polluting substances from land drainage from the territories of industrial objects;
    • Project of norms of waste formation and limits for their utilization.

    Management of the company pays special attention to tasks that may decrease future negative influence of the company activities on the environment. That is why stage by stage technical upgrading is planned at the mines and industrial shops of the company as well as the removal of the old equipment out of service.

    Improvement of technological processes and lead and zinc transportation, fulfillment of measures on industrial waste utilization, ecological situation improvement in the area of industrial shops of MMC Dalpolimetall JSC, prevention of pollution of water objects and conservation of bio resources at the process of sewage structures usage - all these are the priorities of MMC Dalpolimetall JSC in the area of environmental protection.



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