MMC Dalpolimetall JSC is an export oriented company. The main markets are the countries of Asia Pacific Region: China, South Korea and Japan.

    Metallurgic companies, end users of MMC Dalpolimetall concentrates, manufacture products of the highest grades, listed at LME. That is why we pay great attention to the quality of our concentrates, providing high content of metals in concentrates and low content of contaminants.

    Raw material base

    Dalnegorsk polymetallic ore field is located in the southern part of the Eastern Sikhote-Alin volcano belt on a complicated area between two main region bogen structures. Mineralization enclosing rocks relate to secondary era.


    The activities of MMC Dalpolimetall JSC are on the territories of two districts of Primorkiy region - Dalnegorskiy district and Kavalerovskiy district. The number of employees is equal to 1900.

    The company uses open pit and underground mining and has 2 mines (Nikolayevskiy mine and Second Sovetskiy mine): Verkhneye, Maiminovskoye, Partizanskoye, Nikolayevskiy, Southern and Silinskoye deposits. Aggregate capacity of ore mining is equal to about 1 million tons of ore per year.



    Primorsky Krai, Dalnegorsk,
    pr. 50 years of October, 93.
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