Victory Day over German fascism

    The workers of Dalpolimetal solemnly marched to the monument to the fallen Soviet soldiers in the Great Patriotic War on May 9th. In the column, in addition to miners, geologists, etc., there were their children.

    For the 2nd Sovietsky mine

    A new CAT underground loader was purchased for the 2nd Sovietsky mine in April. With modest dimensions, the Caterpillar R1300G loader lifts half its weight in the bucket - 6800 kg.

    Production growth was provided

    The miners of the 2nd Sovietsky mine have been operating chamber No.3 of the Bolnichnaya ore deposit since February. There are huge reserves of mainly zinc ore - about 200 thousand tons. According to geologists, chamber No.3 will ensure an increase in ore production.

    The effect is fixed

    The technologists of the Central Processing Plant have increased the efficiency of ore processing at the grinding stage due to chromium balls, which are erased almost three times slower than traditional ones.

    Power industry

    Dalpolimetall has been modernizing its energy facilities for several years and creating the basis for further development. The energy shop of Dalpolimetal installed more than 120 new power transmission towers of various sizes last year. Power lines stretched at the facilities of the processing plant, to the mines of the 2nd Soviet, Yuzhny and Silinsky.

    The road to minerals

    Dalpolymetal's drillers began operating the Diamec PHC-8 drilling rig in November. The new exploration rig is the key to the reserves of the Yuzhno-Solontsovoye ore occurrence.

    Fifth dump truck

    A new Cat AD-22 dump truck, the fifth, has arrived at the Nikolaevsky mine. The underground dump truck was purchased from an official Caterpillar dealer in the Russian Far East by Amur Machinery.

    Rescue drills

    The mine rescue team of the Nikolaevsky mine together with the Dalnegorsk mine rescue team conducted a training alarm. During the exercises, the readiness of the mine was confirmed for the operational rescue of people - the liquidation of a simulated fire, the interaction of all services of the Nikolayevsky mine.

    Drilling rig DL-321

    Dalpolimetal's investment program is gaining momentum with a new Sandvik DL-321 surface drilling rig at the 2nd Sovetsky mine since August.

    New diesel locomotives

    The Dalpolimetal railway section began operation of two new narrow-gauge diesel locomotives TU-7A with serial numbers 3374 and 3375. The locomotives got on the rails of the Dalnegorsk narrow-gauge railway in July.

    Home for professionals

    Dalpolimetal will build an apartment building for young professionals. New building on the Khamzina street is a social project of Dalpolymetal for the consolidation of professional personnel in Dalnegorsk. The management of the mining company announced the provision of an interest-free long-term loan to employees for the purchase of apartments. At below market prices!

    Guests from Moscow

    Students of the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov visited the oldest operating mine in the Primorsky Territory. The guests appreciated the scale of the Upper polymetallic deposit and modern mining equipment.

    Great opportunities

    Telescopic loader Dieci Icarus 40.17 - non-standard for the Dalpolymetal Transport Department. Notable characteristics of the new loader are super-maneuverability, excellent cross-country ability and the ability to lift loads to a height of 14 meters.

    New IVECO

    Dalpolymetal's transport department operates the best equipment. Four new Iveco Trakker 410 dump trucks were purchased in June. Heavy-duty trucks are powered by Euro 5 engines.

    New compressors

    Two compressor stations, made at the Compressormash plant, were bought by Dalpolimetal. The capacity of each compressor is 30 cubic meters of compressed air per minute. The new compressors are intended for distant mining areas - Silinsky and Maiminovsky.

    Alley for workers

    An alley for working people appeared at the gates of the Central Processing Plant in May. Young maples have blossomed on the former vacant lot, landscaped by Dalpolimetal workers.

    More efficient by a third

    Experts from the research department of Dalpolymetal have experimentally confirmed the possibility of operating a heavy suspension unit at the Central Concentrating Plant. This method is expected to increase the efficiency of the concentrator by 30%.

    Silver medal

    Athletes from Dalpolimetal took second place at the Regional competition for standards "Ready for Labor and Defense" among the labor collectives of Primorsky Krai last weekend. The competition, which brought together more than ten teams, was held in Vladivostok.

    Investing in growth

    Dalpolymetal plans to increase production indicators in the coming years, therefore it is investing in basic equipment today. In March, a new Sandvik DD-311 drilling rig was commissioned at the Nikolaevsky mine.

    Remote control

    In February, Amur Machinery introduced a remote monitoring system for underground self-propelled vehicles for the first time in the Russian Far East. The CAT Product Link system was used at the Nikolaevsky mine.

    Strength and endurance

    On February 27, on the ski track in Dovgalevskaya pad, the final race of the "Cup of three tracks" took place. The competition was attended and won by employees of Dalpolimetal.

    We invest in production

    The new Cat AD-22 underground dump truck has been in operation at the Nikolaevsky mine since January. The dump truck was delivered to Dalpolymetal by the official Caterpillar dealer in the Far East of Russia by Amur Machinery.

    Million tons

    Dalpolimetal's Central Concentrating Plant ends 2020 with a production record - the Central Processing Plant processed more than 1 million tons of ore. This is the best indicator for the previous quarter century.

    Minerals for collectors

    In November, the most beautiful minerals extracted at the Dalpolimetal mines were exhibited at the Mineral-Show exhibition in Yekaterinburg. Ural collectors were able to buy minerals from Dalnegorsk.

    Twice the benefit

    The Dalpolymetal transport department is mastering new equipment - trucks from one of the world's leading brands MAN. Drivers have been operating three new MAN TGX 18.400 trucks since October.

    Dump truck for Yuzhny

    A new underground dump truck Komatsu Joy 7-TD was purchased for the Yuzhnoye site in August. The machine, created by Canadian engineers, takes on board up to 7 tons of rock mass.

    Reliable Cat bulldozer

    In July the Caterpillar D8R bulldozer appeared in Dalpolimetal. The bulldozer was purchased under the investment program of Dalpolimetal, the largest in recent years. Thus, Dalpolimetal has become the largest mining company in the Primorsky Territory operating Caterpillar machines.

    We bet on efficiency

    In the first seven months of the year, the processing plant completed its production program for the production of concentrates and metals in concentrates by 100%. The ore processing index in July of this year increased by a quarter as compared to July last year.

    Strategic goal

    The installation of the high voltage cable line is being completed. It will deliver electricity to a factory where ore is being enriched.

    Factory is being modernized

    In the first three months of 2020, the Dalpolimetal Central Processing Plant completed the plan for the production of concentrates and ore processing and increased the extraction of metals into concentrates.

    Returned to production

    The underground mining overhaul phase completed the full restoration of Sandvik LH-203. Before returning to the mine, the engine of the bucket machine was run at idle.

    Planning time-frame

    On March 20, the Governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako met with the Dalpolimetall team. Oleg Nikolaevich spoke about measures to support the enterprise from the territorial budget during the global economic crisis – about compensating part of the cost of electricity in the amount of 300 million rubles, as well as subsidizing a significant part of the funds for the purchase of new equipment – up to 50% of its cost.

    Added to the Skill

    The auxiliary mine rescue team (AMRT) of the 2nd Soviet mine, together with the Dalnegorsky militarized mine rescue team, worked out the tactics of rescuing the victim and extinguished a conditional fire. In the exercises, the fighters of the AMRT demonstrated good organization and excellent training.

    Ready for Labor and Defense

    At the Regional festival "Ready for Labor and Defense", the Dalpolimetall team, representing the Dalnegorsky city district, took second place. In a bitter struggle, the athletes of Dalpolimetall beat the national team of the Khasansky district, but lost the lead to representatives of the Progress aircraft plant from Arsenyev.

    Choosing Caterpillar

    In Dalpolimetall, the underground mining equipment fleet is being updated - since February, the Cat AD-22 dump truck and the Cat R1600H bucket machine have been operating at the Nikolaevsky mine.​ Amur Machinery, an official Caterpillar dealer in the Far East, supplied the new equipment.

    "Heart" of the Dump Truck

    In January, the overhaul section of self-propelled mining equipment was transferred the Sandvik EJC-417 underground dump truck to the 2nd Soviet mine. On this machine, all components and assemblies were replaced, and also installed the Russian engine YaMZ-536. The new "heart" of the dump truck started on the first try. At the running tests, the Yaroslavl motor proved its advantage over old diesel Detroit-40E.

    To New Achievements!

    In the past year, we once again proved that we are able to follow the plan and work more efficiently. Dalpolimetall team mined, delivered to processing plant and processed into concentrates almost a million tons of ore. 2019 was a record year not only in relation to last year, but also over a quarter of a century of the enterprise life.

    One Step From the Record

    By the new year, the Dalpolimetall railway section is approaching with a record volume of ore transported - in 2019, this production indicator exceeded the results of the past 25 years, approaching a million tons.

    Five Times More

    The sales of supporting products of Dalpolimetall has increased by multiple. The record is for gravel of all fractions, the raw materials for which are extracted at the lime quarry of the Nikolaevsky mine. In 2019, this building material is in demand five times more often than last year.

    Economic effect

    The flotation process is being improved at the Central Processing Plant - in the summer of this year, COF flotation machines were equipped with polyurethane impellers, significantly reducing the time for their regular replacement.

    Overburden per million

    In 2019 the landscape of the Verkhny quarry changed dramatically. In just 9 months, the waste rock dumps grew by more than 846 thousand cubic meters.

    Incentive for investments

    On August 28, “Dalpolimetall” was assigned the status of a participant in a regional investment project, which provides for significant tax benefits, in particular, temporary zeroing of the mineral extraction tax (MET).

    Shock Work

    On the remote site Korolevsky of the Nikolayevsky mine, Maiminovsky deposit is being worked out. In July, the bottomhole group of the site won a new labor victory – 301 meters of underground mining workings were completed. Comparable results were achieved at Maiminovka only in 2008, when mining reached 400 meters per month. However, at that time the cross-section of the adits was also half as much, since LHD machines were not used.

    Happy Metallurgist Day!

    By tradition, the miners of the MMC Dalpolimetall celebrate their professional holiday on the third Sunday of July – Metallurgist Day. The solemn meeting dedicated to this landmark date was held on Friday, July 19, in the large hall of the Palace of Culture of Chemists.

    Expanding boundaries

    June 25, Dalpolimetall legalized its right to geological exploration of the Yuzhno-Solontsovy site – the flank of the Partizansk complex deposit. The license for a period of five years issued by the Subsoil Use Department in the Far Eastern Federal District (Dalnedra).

    Long-term investments

    The equipment is consistently updated at the concentrating mill. Dealing with the modernization of the concentrating mill, the technologists strive to improve product quality and increase productivity.

    Victory Day

    On May 9, a column of Dalpolimetal workers, one of the largest and most elegant, participated in the parade dedicated to the Victory Day. On this day, thousands of people gathered in the central square of Dalnegorsk to honor the memory of those who died the death of the brave in the field of the Great Patriotic War, those who indefatigably worked in the mines of Tetyukh - now Dalnegorsk.

    Production success

    In one month, the shaft crew of the Nikolayevsky mine holed more than 450 meters of underground mining workings. The last time such a result was achieved in 2002. In May, the shaft miners of "Nikolayevka" plan to accelerate the pace of mining, bringing this figure to 500 meters.

    March record

    In March, the staff of the concentrating mill processed a record amount of ore – 88 960 tons. This is the highest rate of the month over the past two decades!
    The concentrating mill also fulfilled the plan of the first quarter of 2019, passing more than 244 thousand tons of ore through its crushers and mills. The business plan was exceeded by 2.6%.

    The first in history

    In March, the underground beds of the Nikolayevsky mine, a new Cat R1600 load-haul-dump machine was put into operation. In the entire history of our company, this is the first LHD machine supplied to Dalpolimetall by the Caterpillar concern.

    Main element

    At the beginning of March, the drilling module of the TAMROCK MONOMATIC 105-40 self-propelled boring machine was replaced at the 2-nd Sovietsky mine. The machine has been operated at Dalpolimetall since 2006. All this time, it has demonstrated amazing reliability and high performance.

    Long haul

    On February 15, having driven more than 12 thousand km, a MAN TGS 33.440 truck tractor arrived in Dalnegorsk from Germany. Thus, the transport department of the Dalpolimetall MMC consistently updates the fleet of trucks.

    The overhaul effect

    Since last fall, the Dalpolimetall MMC Mechanical Department has been developing a new direction – the overhaul group of underground mining equipment. In January, the advanced workshop specialists have performed the full-life restoration of the first LHD machine – Sandvik LH-203.

    Cat for the Nikolayevsky mine

    The fleet of underground equipment is regularly renovated in the Dalpolimetall MMC. On December 27, 2018, the eve of the New Year, the modern articulated dump truck Caterpillar AD22 was delivered to the Nikolayevsky mine. This model has been introduced to the market only a year ago.

    Squad, go!

    On November 21, the control and tactical exercise, which is held every three years, was held at the Youzhny site, a remote part of the 2-nd Sovietsky mine.

    New MAN dump trucks

    DALPOLIMETALL MMC is heading for re-equipment of production facilities. Attention is paid not only to underground mines but auxiliary, for example, the transportation department.

    A record was made

    In October, the total production at all the mines of Dalpolimetall amounted to a record 80,556 tons. The frontier of 80 thousand was taken for the first time in recent years.

    "Silver" for tourist rally

    In September, the 18th tourist rally of working youth of the Dalnegorsk urban district took place in the village of Smychka. On the district tourist rally, Dalpolimetall MMC was represented by the team BEMS, which four years in a row becomes the prizewinner.

    Mining equipment

    Upgrading of mining equipment continues in the units of the Dalpolimetall MMC: in September, three underground electric locomotives and 15 wagons were purchased for the 2nd Sovietsky mine and the Yuzhny unit.



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