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    At the beginning of March, the drilling module of the TAMROCK MONOMATIC 105-40 self-propelled boring machine was replaced at the 2-nd Sovietsky mine. The machine has been operated at Dalpolimetall since 2006. All this time, it has demonstrated amazing reliability and high performance.

    In five work shifts, the crew of machinists of the self-propelled drilling rig and the locksmith group of the mine replaced "Monomatic" hydraulic cylinders, feeder beam, telescopic boom device, coup engine, feeder attachment unit, and punch – everything that relates to the main element of the machine. This is the original equipment delivered to Dalpolimetall by Sandvik. The new drilling module with the index TFX 500 6/12 is equipped with a HLX5 punch, which is 25% more productive than the previous punch modification HL510.


    07 November 2021
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