Ready for Labor and Defense

    At the Regional festival "Ready for Labor and Defense", the Dalpolimetall team, representing the Dalnegorsky city district, took second place. In a bitter struggle, the athletes of Dalpolimetall beat the national team of the Khasansky district, but lost the lead to representatives of the Progress aircraft plant from Arsenyev.

    The TRP ("Ready for Labor and Defense") festival held in Vladivostok brought together six teams from all over the region. Sport event revealed the strongest participants. Among them are representatives of Dalpolimetall Vyacheslav Prokhorov, Vera Shishkina, Alexander Zaitsev, Magdalin Nesterenko and others.

    “Preparation for the next regional festival of the TRP begins now,” said the trade-union committee of the MMC Dalpolimetall. - Ahead of us are qualifying competitions and systemic sports training of leaders applying for a place in the team. Our goal is to take first place in the region and prove ourselves at the Russian Championship on the TRP.”


    07 November 2021
    03 September 2021
    16 August 2021



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