"Heart" of the Dump Truck

    In January, the overhaul section of self-propelled mining equipment was transferred the Sandvik EJC-417 underground dump truck to the 2nd Soviet mine. On this machine, all components and assemblies were replaced, and also installed the Russian engine YaMZ-536. The new "heart" of the dump truck started on the first try. At the running tests, the Yaroslavl motor proved its advantage over old diesel Detroit-40E.

    “The EJC-417 dump truck after the overhaul is actually a new machine,”- said Chief GMC mechanic Dalpolimetal Maxim Sverkunov. - With the choice of the power plant YaMZ-536, we did not fail “The engine is very good in business.”

    YaMZ-536 is the most modern diesel engine of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant. The "Typhoon-K" and "Tiger" army armored vehicles, URAL Next cross-country trucks, LiAZ buses, some motor graders, river boats and even the Kirovets K-7O8.4 tractor are equipped with various modifications of it. The Swedish Sandvik EJC-417 dump truck now appears in this list.


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