One Step From the Record

    By the new year, the Dalpolimetall railway section is approaching with a record volume of ore transported - in 2019, this production indicator exceeded the results of the past 25 years, approaching a million tons.

    All ore mined is delivered to the Central Concentrating Factory via a narrow gauge railway in dump cars UVS-22. For more than 11 months, the crews of TU7a diesel locomotives made about 7 thousand flights in directions from the main mines of Dalpolimetall and the ore warehouse to the receiving hoppers of the processing plant. Therefore, the mines and the factory, in direct sense, connected by a narrow gauge railway.
    "The rhythm of ore supply to the processing plant depends on the railway section, - said the chief engineer of the technological transport workshop V.A. Filippov. - At the end of the year we will summarize the work of our railway, but now it’s clear that the railway team has significantly raised the bar for productivity. ”


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