Incentive for investments

    On August 28, “Dalpolimetall” was assigned the status of a participant in a regional investment project, which provides for significant tax benefits, in particular, temporary zeroing of the mineral extraction tax (MET).

    The city-forming enterprise in Dalnegorsk was the second in the Primorsky Territory to establish it’s intention to invest significant funds in production and became a participant in the RIP. The investment project of MMC “Dalpolimetall”, designed for 10 years, provides for a complete upgrade of undeground self-propelled machinery, modernization and replacement of equipment at the processing plant, reconstruction of the tailings ponds and other types of investments. In the first five years of the investment program, “Dalpolimetall” will spend more than a billion rubles on fixed capital investments.
    The tax benefits granted to “Dalpolimetall” as a member of the RIP are the first such preferences from the state in the entire recent history of the mining and metallurgical complex. For “Dalpolimetall”, such a support mechanism is timely , since the company is developing deposits with a relatively low content of useful copmonents in ore and is faced with unfavorable conditions on the world market of non-ferrous metals.
    “In order to stay within the framework of profitability, the miners of “Dalpolimetall” have been increasing the pace of production for several years in a row, which entails an increasing volume of investments” commented the General Director of MMC “Dalpolimetall” Gleb Y. Zuev. “The status of a RIP partisipant will allow “Dalpolimetall” to recive an additional source of funds for updating fixed assetes and will strengthen the position of the enterprise for many years.


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