Shock Work

    On the remote site Korolevsky of the Nikolayevsky mine, Maiminovsky deposit is being worked out. In July, the bottomhole group of the site won a new labor victory – 301 meters of underground mining workings were completed. Comparable results were achieved at Maiminovka only in 2008, when mining reached 400 meters per month. However, at that time the cross-section of the adits was also half as much, since LHD machines were not used.

    Now there are five crews of drifters working on the site, from 2-3 to 10 people each. They work on a rotational basis, mining lead, zinc and silver, which are rich in Maiminovka deposits.
    Commenting on the progress in high-speed mining, the head of the site Vitaly Filimonov said:
    - Firstly, the team of shaft workers grew this year by 10 people, by 10 strong specialists. I mean the crew of Sergei Kochurov, which came to us in full force from the mines in Bilibino. Secondly, now we have five LHD drivers working. There are two LH-203 in operation and one Faml in reserve. Therefore, we had the opportunity to increase productivity, and the drifters used this chance.


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