Основные производственные показатели за I квартал 2018 года: добыча руды 196 265 тонн Δ 102,3% к БП, Δ 135,4% к ПГ.   Переработка руды 198 477 тонн Δ 103,9% к БП, Δ 135,3% к ПГ.   Выпуск свинца в концентрате 2 576 тонн Δ 107,6% к БП, Δ 131,5% к ПГ.   Выпуск цинка в концентрате 3 818 тонн Δ 102,3% к БП, Δ 153,3% к ПГ.   Выпуск свинцового концентрата 4 019 тонн Δ 105,0% к БП, Δ 125,0% к ПГ.   Выпуск цинкового концентрата 7 655 тонн Δ 100,8% к БП, Δ 148,9% к ПГ.



The activities of MMC Dalpolimetall JSC are on the territories of two districts of Primorkiy region - Dalnegorskiy district and Kavalerovskiy district.

The number of employees is equal to 2000.

The company uses strip and underground mining and has 5 mines: Verkhniy mine (Verkhneye and Maiminovskoye deposits), Second Sovetskiy mine (Partizanskoye deposit), Nikolayevskiy mine (Nikolayevskiy deposit), Southern mine (Souther deposit) and Silinskiy mine (Silinskoye deposit). Aggregate capacity of ore mining is equal to about 1.2 million tons ore per year.

The mined ore is transported by two types of transport: railway and automobile.

The ore is processed in a batch at the enrichment plant and the process includes a three stage grinding, a two stage blending and direct selective flotation of lead and zinc. The processing capacity of the plant is equal to 1.3 million tons of ore per year. Simultaneously silver, gold and bismuth are recovered into lead concentrate, and silver and cadmium are recovered into zinc concentrate.

The concentrates are shipped for export by vessels of 5000t dead weight in the non freezing bay of Rudnaya Pristan. The products are accumulated in stevedore shop of the company which is located 37 km away from the enrichment plant.

The main type of company’s activities are ore mining and ore processing but there are also some auxiliary processes: timber cutting shop, oxygen shop, lime stone quarry, sand and gravel quarry. The products of these shops are used for main production activities and are sold to other companies.

MMC Dalpolimetall pays special attention to the quality of the products which are well known to metallurgists of the Asia Pacific Region countries. In 2013 the company started working on certification system of quality management against ISO 9001.