Основные производственные показатели за I квартал 2018 года: добыча руды 196 265 тонн Δ 102,3% к БП, Δ 135,4% к ПГ.   Переработка руды 198 477 тонн Δ 103,9% к БП, Δ 135,3% к ПГ.   Выпуск свинца в концентрате 2 576 тонн Δ 107,6% к БП, Δ 131,5% к ПГ.   Выпуск цинка в концентрате 3 818 тонн Δ 102,3% к БП, Δ 153,3% к ПГ.   Выпуск свинцового концентрата 4 019 тонн Δ 105,0% к БП, Δ 125,0% к ПГ.   Выпуск цинкового концентрата 7 655 тонн Δ 100,8% к БП, Δ 148,9% к ПГ.


Personnel policy

MMC Dalpolimetall JSC is the company with bred in the – bone traditions. We realize that our human resources management should be aimed at formation of the team which is able to effectively solve production tasks. That is why special attention is paid to social support and specialist training- there is a technical training department in the company structure, where the future workers of the company learn a mining trade.

MMC Dalpolimetall JSC offers interesting work with decent salary and opportunity to advance.

We are interested in faithful, proactive, skilled workers who share the responsibility of the whole company.