23.11.2015 14:35:49

MMC Dalpolimetall purchased Italian Sir Meccanica WS2 boring and surfacing unit for the needs of mines. According to the Chief Mechanical Officer of the enterprise, Maksim Sverkunov, WS2 is a mobile multi-purpose metal-working machine which is capable of restoring mounting seats for bushings or bearings in short time and with high quality. The unit will be especially useful where underground self-propelled machines with articulated rotation gears bucket machines, are used, dumper trucks and drilling units are used.

The uniqueness of Sir Meccanica WS2 boring and surfacing unit is in its operation characteristics: with the use of a compact device an operator can, in a short time and with surprising precision, drill a hole in a component and then to tap a thread. The obvious advantage of WS2 is that this machine is designed for use not only in fixed-state, but also in field conditions. That means that for restoration of cylindrical holes, it is not necessary to fully uninstall a defect assembly unit and sent it to the mechanical workshop. In such a way, thanks to WS2 unit, much less time will be needed for repair of machines at MMC Dalpolimetall mines, and that means that underground machines will be used for their intended purposes for a longer period of time.