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23.11.2015 14:34:14

It is known that MMC Dalpolimetall is a major consumer of electric power at the north-eastern part of the Primorye Territory. The costs of electric power make a lions share of the entire production costs. And it is no surprise that the management of Dalnegorsk town-forming enterprise searches for the ways to rationally use such a valuable, in all senses, resource.

Along with the implementation of an automated information and measuring system for commercial electric power metering, approach to the wholesale electric power market, replacement of traditional lighting fixtures with industrial LED floodlight projectors, etc., projects are implemented at MMC Dalpolimetall, distinctive features of which are innovation and freshness of ideas. For example, these days, solar energy collectors are being installed at Nikolayevskiy mine. The Chief Power Engineer of Dalnegorsk town-forming enterprise, Yevgeniy Degtyaryov, told us about this pilot project.

The installation of solar energy collectors is one of the items of the Energy Saving Program adopted in Dalpolimetall by the new management team. Undoubtedly, efficient consumption of electric power is the field worth to be engaged in. Indeed, in case of successful realization of the Program, significant funds will be saved. These money can be allocated, for example, to development of production, but not spent on consumed electric power as we do it now, mentioned Yevgeniy Yuriyevich.
Before signing a contract for purchase of solar energy collectors, the Department of the Chief Power Engineer, jointly with the Foreign Economic Ties Department, had thoroughly studied the market. The supplier was found in Haining, China, which is close to Shanghai.
We visited China and familiarized ourselves with the solar energy collectors production process, and satisfied ourselves that the equipment is of high quality, told us Yevgeniy Degtyaryov.  
By the way, Haining Ensun Solar Technology Co., Ltd (this is the name of the company) works only for export and supplies its products to Australia, New Zealand, to the countries of North and Latin Americas. Before signing the contract, the owner of the Haining Ensun Solar Technology Company, Mr. Ke Sun, and Chief Engineering Officer of the Company, Mr. Mailong Sun, visited Dalnegorsk and main facilities of Dalpolimetall. Chinese experts expressed their recommendations which were taken into consideration by power engineers of MMC Dalpolimetall.

The efficiency of use of solar energy collectors directly depends on the duration of insolation. Taking into consideration the particulars of Dalnegorsks location, that is, its geographic latitude and mountain ranges which raise the horizon line, the use of solar energy collectors for heating large buildings of the enterprise in the winter period is insufficient. But obtaining hot water in the quantities needed for workshops is quite realistic, said Yevgeniy Degtyaryov. At present, the hot water supply system is already being installed at Nikolayevskiy mine. We expect that Nikolayevskiy will be fully supplied with hot water produced with the use of solar energy collectors, and from May until September there will be even excessive quantity of hot water at the largest mine of Dalpolimetall.

The main indicator is the pay-back period of the project. On a conservative estimate, the expenses on purchase of solar energy collectors will be a plus in 8 months. The calculations are quite simple here: on average, 100 thou. kWh are consumed each month for the needs of hot water supply at Niolayevskiy mine. To make things clear, we would like to state the real number: in July 2015, for example, 105,788 kWh. For this electric power, the enterprise paid much more than 300 thou. rubles. Soon, we will not have to pay such amounts of money.