23.11.2015 14:32:37

On November 4, our country celebrates the National Unity Day. Having ran onto the highest mountain in the area around Dalnegorsk, the employees of MMC Dalpolimetall decided to support the Russian public holiday with a sports event. They were joined by young athletes, the school students who go in for cyclic kinds of sports. The friendly race to the Televizionnaya mountain, in the interior of which the polymetallic Partizanskoye field has been developed for over 60 years, lasted for less than 40 minutes. At the distance of six kilometers, the ascent was 525 meters.

The initiative to celebrate the National Unity Day in an original way was set forth by the foreman of load droppers of Nikolayevskiy mine Yuri Chekushkin. We would like to remind that Yuri Nokolayevich is a Chempion of Russia in track-and-field athletics among veterans and prize winner in many semi-marathons. The idea of Yuri Chekushkin was supported by the representative of MMC Dalpolimetall Dmitriy Kovalenko, and in the morning on November 4, the idea was put into reality. We would like to mention that the weather was favorable for the athletes: the autumn sun endowed the participants of the trail race with warmth which is unusual for this season of the year. It is interesting that the athletes of MMC Dalpolimetall set new sports objectives for themselves, for example, they plan to run with the flag of the Dalnegorsk town-forming enterprise to the highest point of Europe the western peak of Elbrus. The competitioned is planned for spring, within the frames of Red Fox Elbrus Race-2016 festival.