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23.11.2015 14:30:58

In spring 2015, the MMC Dalpolimetall Regulation came to effect, which provides for rendering medical services under voluntary medical insurance policy to the employees of Dalnegorsk town-forming enterprise. According to the document, the employees of Dalpolimetall are entitled to receive compensation for expenses on certain medical services. Head of the HR Department, Larisa Valeryevna Shevchenko, spoke about the Voluntary Medical Insurance program in detail:

Having entered into agreement with Rossgosstrakh for rendering medical services to our employees, the management of MMC Dalpolimetall pursues the main objective: to decrease the disease incidence rate at mines and production units of the enterprise, and, consequently, to decrease the periods of temporary incapacity to work, explained L. V. Shevchenko. According to the rules of the Regulation on Voluntary Medical Insurance, the employees of Dalpolimetall have the possibility to receive compensation of personal expenditures on qualified medical services. For example, to recover financial funds spent on outpatient care and hospital care. More to that, once in three years the employees of our enterprise are entitled to claim, for instance, free-of-charge dental health service. I would only want to make it clear that the relevance of rendering medical services to the employees of MMC Dalpolimetall under the Voluntary Medical Insurance program is supervised by a special commission. An application for rendering medical services are accepted by the HR Department of MMC Dalpolimetall and are reviewed within three business days.